Happy Khmer New Year 2016


សូមសិរីសួស្តី ជ័យមង្គ័ល វិបុលសុខ
មហាប្រសើរ កើតមានដល់អ្នក
និងក្រុមគ្រួសារ ញាត្តិមិត្តរបស់អ្នក
May you and your family
be blessed with a peaceful
and prosperous New Year!






Khmer New Year Game - Teanh Proart

One of the popular games during the Khmer New Year is “Teanh Proart”.

             Proart is a leather rope or line. Teanh means to pull. Girls and boys form two teams. A boy and a girl are chosen to stand at each end of the rope. A referee shouts “yak-or” and the players reply “ho-verr” three times to ensure everyone is ready, then the referee rings a bell as each player pulls until he sees which one has been pulled over the line drawn in the dirt by the opponent. That player is the loser.

Khmer New Year Game - Sva Don Derm Slek Cher

Sva Don Derm Slek Cher is probably the simplest traditional Khmer game. It takes two groups for this game. When a member of each group hears their number called, they have to quickly grab the slek cher (a bunch of leaves) before the other group, and run as fast as possible back to their places.